Earthrise by M. C. A. Hogarth

by M.C.A. Hogarth
Series: Her Instruments #1
Genre: Science Fiction (Space Opera)
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013
E-book, purchased
420 pages
Grade: B
Synopsis: Reese Eddings has enough to do just keeping her rattletrap merchant vessel, the TMS Earthrise, profitable enough to pay food for herself and her micro-crew. So when a mysterious benefactor from her past shows up demanding she rescue a man from slavers, her first reaction is to say “NO!” And then to remember that she sort of promised to repay the loan. But she doesn’t remember signing up to tangle with pirates and slavers over a space elf prince… Book 1 of the Her Instruments trilogy is a rollicking space operatic adventure set in the Pelted Paradox universe.

Hiranthial, curse his eyes, looked remarkably fresh. On closer, surreptitious examination he was sweating,  but it simply made him look glossy and vibrant rather than exhausted and untidy. She wondered where she could buy that trick.


  • I really liked this book. I kept reading when I had many other things to do! Lots of action which I enjoy in my space opera.
  • There were space pirates, battles, slavers, drugs, lots of alien races.
  • Reminded me a little of Firefly (the TV show created by Joss Whedon and cancelled much too soon).
  • I thought the author did a great job of creating this universe and populating it with interesting people. I like all the characters though sometimes Reese is a little too stubborn and obstinate for her own good. She has good reason she’s the way she is. She does grow and change which is what I want in a character.
  • Allacazam is a very different and interesting alien creature.
  • Hiranthial comes from a very mysterious and long-lived race of people. They usually don’t leave their own planet and not a lot is known about them.
  • This is a fun book to read.
  • It’s so good to find a new author who self-publishes well-written and well-edited books.


  • I wanted to shake Reese a few times because she was so obstinate.

And a few thoughts . . .

  • I’m very happy to find a new sci-fi author who writes space opera. I’ve already bought the second book in the series and look forward to reading it.
  • The Kindle book is free now at Amazon.

Have you read this book? How did you like it?

Author info

  • M.C.A. Hogarth is the daughter of two Cuban political exiles and has had a fascination for the gaps in cultures and the bridges that span them ever since. She has been many things—web database architect, product manager, technical writer and massage therapist—but is currently a full-time parent, artist, writer and anthropologist to aliens, both human and otherwise.
  • She writes science fiction, fantasy and humor, along with business columns for artists (recently transformed into a web comic, the Three Jaguars). Her fiction has variously been recommended for a Nebula, a finalist for the Spectrum, placed on the secondary Tiptree reading list and chosen for two best-of anthologies; her art has appeared in RPGs, magazines and on book covers.

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