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The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

goldfinches at feeder

I like this meme because it gives me an opportunity to take a look back at last week and forward to next week in both my personal life and my blog and book life! I also like to see what other people are doing and what books everyone is reading. This is a great meme to take part in every week and I thank Kimba for hosting it!

Last Week

Home & blog

Summer is here . . . very hot and humid. We had a breeze several evenings though and my husband and I sat outside for a while enjoying the yard. We’re still feeding birds and have had so many goldfinches after the thistle seed. So fun to watch. One time we counted 16 goldfinches at the feeder and in the trees waiting their turn! We also have so many teeny, tiny frogs (toads?) in our yard. I try not to step on them, but they’re very hard to see. At night the sound of frogs (and probably insects) is so loud outside it’s hard to hear each other. I like hearing the frogs and as long as the insects stay away from me I don’t mind them singing at night!

We took more books to the library. The family visit at the end of the month is a great reason to declutter!

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What I’m reading

The Siren Depths by Martha Wells (audiobook)

What I read last week

Raven Black by Ann Cleeves (audiobook)

A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny

New–Books, E-books, Audiobooks–purchased or free or from library




Limbo by Amy Andrews

The Thorn of Dentonhill by Marshall Ryan Maresca

Only a Promise by Mary Balogh



Around the Internet

Free Sync Audio books

Sync is back again for the summer (May 7 – Aug 14). Sync is a program which provides two free young adult audiobook downloads each week. One audiobook is a current audiobook and the other is a classic audiobook. Each set of two books are only available for one week.

To listen to these books you must download Overdrive Media Console. It is available free to download at the Sync site.

Audiobooks for download the week of June 11 – 18

For the week of June 18 – 25

Next Week

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We’re traveling to Iowa next weekend for a long weekend. It’s Father’s Day here in the States and we’re spending it with my husband’s dad and other family members. My husband plans to work in the yard. We’re going to the local community theater to see Cats and I know we’ll do lots of other fun things.

Blog Posts

  • Top Ten Tuesday
  • TBR Review: Raven Black by Ann Cleeves
  • Review: Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal
  • Review
  • Sunday Post

What did you do last week? What books did you collect? What are you planning next week?

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26 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Jun 14”

  1. Love your goldfinches, how great to just sit out and enjoy them. It has been very humid in the Boston area also, and the kids are in school for 2 more weeks. We had 6 snow days, and now they’re talking about the possibility of heat days because the schools aren’t air conditioned and are getting up to 10 degrees hotter than outside! Glad I’m no longer teaching. Enjoy your Father’s Day weekend travels.


    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. The goldfinches are awesome. We have them in the winter, but not so many of them so am very happy to see so many. Oh, I feel sorry for the kids still in school w/o any air conditioning.


  2. I love sitting outside in the summer time, and listening to the sounds. Nice bird feeder pic- ours has been swamped too. WE haven’t gotten super hot yet but it won’t be long.

    Nice week last week- I like the look of several of your upcoming reads. Have a great trip and happy reading this week!


    1. Thanks, Greg! So fun to see the birds coming to our yard. So many good books to read. It’s hard to decide sometimes!


  3. I love Goldfinches and it’s always such fun seeing all the birds at the feeder. Sounds like you have quite a racket between frogs and bugs! Have a great week and a nice trip!


  4. I’m a bird nerd too! This year we put out a wide range of feeders and feed, and we had close to twenty goldfinches just mobbing the sunflower chips and hearts (they love that so much they’ve pretty much ignored my thistle now 😦 ) I also put out peanuts that attracted the blue jays, red winged blackbirds, titmice and nuthatches, and also tried out a year-round no-melt suet cake that brought in the mockingbirds, wrens, and woodpeckers. I’ve even tried out a hummingbird feeder and now we have at least three hummers that hang around sipping from it. Birds are so wonderful and fascinating.


    1. Isn’t it great, Mogsy! So fun to see what birds will appear.

      I’ll have to try the sunflower chips and hearts. We have whole sunflower seeds and get cardinals and woodpeckers as well as other birds, but it also attracts squirrels 😦 They trashed one of our feeders last week and I’ve caught a squirrel taking the lid off one of our feeders and putting his whole head in to eat the birdseed! It is pretty funny to see. 🙂


  5. I just finished Still Life as an audiobook and really enjoyed it! Such descriptive passages and clever plotting. I will definitely continue this one. Seraphina is on my list to look out for. Have a great week!


    1. Thanks, Rita. I’m so glad you liked Still Life. I just finished the second book and I’m really liking the series.


  6. Sounds like you have a good weekend planned, and your backyard sounds delightful. Your post reminded me to download the audio books, I had forgotten. Have a great week and a good trip. 🙂


  7. Only A Promise looks good, I have been snagging the free audios as well. We love watching the birds and it sounds like you have quite a few. I totally agree on the bugs. Hope your week is cool and comfortable.


    1. Thanks, Kimba! I think it’s still going to be hot and we have chances of thunderstorms every day. Oh, well, it’s summer.


  8. Your yard sounds really nice, Jan! And while the frogs may be loud, at least they’re not cars making too much noise for you to speak over 😉
    I hope you’ll have fun in Iowa for father’s day 🙂
    And your new books look really good, the Thorn of Dentonhill especially looks intriguing.
    Have a fantastic week ahead and happy reading 🙂


  9. It’s been hot and steamy here too. And we had the strong breezes also. They helped with the humidity and I was able to spend a lot of time reading outside. My favorite place:)


    1. Oh, yes, reading outside is great. I don’t do that too much. We don’t really have a very good place to sit for reading.


  10. Now that I realized I like audiobooks I will be checking out sync! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your review of the Living and Anna Frank 🙂


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