TBR Review: Millie’s Fling by Jill Mansell

millies-flingMillie’s Fling
by Jill Mansell
Series: None
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Published by Sourcebooks Landmark (originally published by Headline Review, 2001)
E-book, purchased
501 pages
Grade: B
Synopsis: Bestselling novelist Orla Hart owes her life to her friend Millie Brady, whose rotten boyfriend has just left her. So Orla invites Millie to Cornwall, where Millie looks forward to a summer without any dating whatsoever. But Orla envisions Millie as the heroine of her next novel and decides to find Millie the man of her dreams. Except the two women have drastically different ideas about what kind of guy that should be.

Millie watched Orla have an idea; she actually saw it happen. It was like when Tom thought of a terrific new way of catching Jerry and a light bulb flashed on above his head. In similarly cartoony fashion, Orla’s green eyes widened with delight and her mouth began to stretch into an unstoppable Tom-type smile.


“You can’t blame Nat, he phones whenever he has the time to phone. It isn’t his fault.”

“Of course I can blame him,” shouted Hester, “and it is his fault. If he hadn’t gone away to Scotland I might have some kind of life, and then I’d never have stayed in every night like a sad old spinster and got hooked on bloody soap operas in the first place.”


  • I really enjoyed this book. There’s lots of humor and there’s romance in the book, but for me the book is about the friendships.
  • Millie is a really great character. She’s willing to do things that make her look silly–for example, roller skate while wearing a gorilla costume! She’s quite self-aware, willing to laugh at herself and really likes other people.
  • I like the way Millie “meets” Hugh. After finding his wallet she calls him and pretends she’s someone he had a one night stand with and that she’s pregnant now. It’s funny–until Hugh reveals his wife recently died. Then Millie’s appalled by her behavior.
  • I like the characters though there were times I wanted to wring Hester’s neck! It’s hard to like Hester at times since she’s very immature during much of the book. She does grow up and change a bit by the end of the book.
  • Millie’s father and stepmom are lovely. Her mom is another story!
  • Orla is over-the-top! She’s a romance author who loves people and has lots of friends. Her enthusiasm draws everyone along with her even if they don’t want to follow!
  • The book isn’t always funny. Characters go through sad and tough times, but I like the message: “things do get better.”


  • I don’t like Hester during a lot of this book. I’m glad she’s not the main character.

And a few thoughts . . .

  • I feet the author really enjoyed writing this novel and I really enjoyed reading it.
  • I laughed out-loud a lot while reading this book and read passages to my husband–often interrupting what he was doing! I loved all the humor in the book and have already started the second book I have by Ms. Mansell.

Have you read this book? How did you like it?

Author info

  • Jill Mansell is a British author who has written a number of books. She lives with her partner and children in Bristol and writes full-time.

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  1. This sounds really interesting! I love quirky British humor so I may add this to my wishlist. Thanks for the review!


  2. Oh, this sounds fun! The one Jill Mansell I read years ago didn’t quite work for me, but so many of her books have plotlines that catch my eye. I’m going to have to try another.


  3. I’ve heard of Mansell but not read her. It sounds like this is a good one for the beach or pool. I liked the description of Orla having an idea, evocative and humorous.


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