Sunday Post: May 3


The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

I like this meme because it gives me an opportunity to take a look back at last week and forward to next week in both my personal life and my blog and book life! I also like to see what other people are doing and what books everyone is reading. This is a great meme to take part in every week and I thank Kimba for hosting it!


Last Week

Home & blog

Plans are made for my daughter’s graduation and party. And since she defended her thesis this week everything is in order! My husband and I leave next Sunday for Chicago and then Iowa. We are spending the week in Iowa. We’re spending a few days in Des Moines and then with my husband’s dad before we drive back to the Chicago area for the graduation the next weekend.

Life is getting in the way of blogging! But that’s okay. . . . And it’s beautiful outside–perfect weather to enjoy the outdoors.

Blog posts


What I’m reading

Lock In by John Scalzi (audiobook)

Millie’s Fling by Jill Mansell

What I read last week

Necessary as Blood by Deborah Crombie

New–Books, E-books, Audiobooks–purchased or free or from library




Irish Eyes by Mary Kay Andrews

Automatic Woman by Nathan Yokum



Next Week

Home & blog

We’re taking care of our son’s puppy next week while he’s on vacation. The puppy is darling–a mini-dachshund. I think it will be lots of fun. I just hope he likes my cats–and that my cats like him…lol.

Also getting ready for our trip to the Midwest. I’ve got quite a bit to do before we leave.

Blog Posts

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  • Sunday Post

What books did you collect last week? What are you planning next week?

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Post: May 3”

  1. Keen to hear what you thought of Necessary As Blood as I read a Deborah Crombie novel a while ago and enjoyed it.



    1. I liked Necessary As Blood a lot, Deborah! I hope you’ll get a chance to read some more of her books soon.


  2. Enjoy your trip! I’ve heard good thing about Deborah crombie but have not read anything by her yet. May have to give those a try.


  3. Sounds like you\’ll have a grand time and congratulations on your daughters graduation!A mini dachshund.Sounds adorable. I think the cats have got the upper hand. LOL Hope they get along:)


  4. Necessary as Blood is the last Crombie I read and I really enjoyed it. Hope you do as well! Have fun babysitting your son’s puppy! It’s been so long since I’ve gotten to play with a puppy but they’re always such fun. And congratulations to your daughter! Defending your thesis is not fun and so stressful. Glad everything went well. Have a great week!


    1. Yes, Necessary as Blood is great, Katherine. Our daughter is so happy and relieved to have the whole thesis out of the way.


  5. Congrats to your daughter! And I completely understand about life getting in the way of blogging, it happens. Have fun playing with your son’s puppy. 🙂


    1. I’m enjoying the Jill Mansell book, Elizabeth. No kisses yet from the puppy, but after he settles in a little I’m hoping for some.


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