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the-pyramids-of-LondonThe Pyramids of London
by Andrea K. Höst
Series: The Trifold Age #1
Genre: Fantasy (alternative history)
Published by Andrea K. Hösth
E-book, purchased
366 pages
Grade: B-
Synopsis: In a world where lightning sustained the Roman Empire, and Egypt’s vampiric god-kings spread their influence through medicine and good weather, tiny Prytennia’s fortunes are rising with the ships that have made her undisputed ruler of the air.

But the peace of recent decades is under threat. Rome’s automaton-driven wealth is waning along with the New Republic’s supply of power crystals, while Sweden uses fear of Rome to add to her Protectorates. And Prytennia is under attack from the wind itself. Relentless daily blasts destroy crops, buildings, and lives, and neither the weather vampires nor Prytennia’s Trifold Goddess have been able to find a way to stop them.

With events so grand scouring the horizon, the deaths of Eiliff and Aedric Tenning raise little interest. The official verdict is accident: two careless automaton makers, killed by their own construct.

The Tenning children and Aedric’s sister, Arianne, know this cannot be true. Nothing will stop their search for what really happened.

Not even if, to follow the first clue, Aunt Arianne must sell herself to a vampire.

“Could anyone be that silly?” Griff asked.

“Never underestimate any person’s capacity to ignore the convenience of others.”


Gods were very territorial. Most of them were not so completely bound by borders as Sulis–else Rome could not have conquered half the world with Jupiter’s lightning–but often travel led to one-sided devotion. Cerunnos was one of the gods who transcended borders. He protected forests all across Europe, and had even been known to answer petitioners in far-flung points around the world.


  • I love the idea of this world.
  • This series has lots of potential. I love that Egyptians still build pyramids and that they control weather and are vampires. The Roman Empire is still around, but their power is waning. Gods and Goddesses control specific areas and the people in those areas. So many interesting aspects of the societies–including steampunk and automatons!
  • I wanted to know more about so many of these groups. Each group could have their own set of books.
  • The world is in flux at the moment. Egypt seems unable to control the weather. Rome is losing power. Sweden is using fear to add to their power.
  • This book is mostly set in Prytennia (an alternate Britain that has pyramids).
  • The Tennings are the main characters of this book. Everything changes for them when Eiliff  and Aedric Tenning are supposedly killed by their own carelessness. Neither their children nor the children’s aunt believe this and they set out to discover what happened.


  •  There is so much going on in this book. And I didn’t understand a lot of it.
  • I didn’t really connect with the characters. I think this was because there were so many and it was hard to get to know them.

And a few thoughts . . .

  • This book didn’t work for me as well as the other books I’ve read by Ms. Höst.
  • I think the series has lots of potential. But for me there was too much going on in this first book.
  • I’m really looking forward to the second book and hope I will understand everything better!

Have you read this book? How did you like it?

Author info

  • Andrea K. Höst was born in Sweden, but has lived most of her life in Australia. She self-publishes her fantasy and science fiction and does an excellent job. She has a blog where she talks about writing, her books, self-publishing, the books she reads, her travels and many other subjects.

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