COYER Wrap-up

COYER Winter Challenge
COYER Winter Challenge

I participated in the Winter COYER and though I didn’t accomplish my goals I still had fun and am glad I joined this challenge.

Here were my goals for COYER:

  • Read & review at least 20 books – that would be two books a week! — I read and reviewed 17 books
  • Visit and comment on at least 5 reviews from the linky a week — Not accomplished
  • Participate in at least 2 of the read-a-thons — Not accomplished
  • Participate in at least one twitter party — Not accomplished
  • Participate in the Facebook group — Not accomplished
  • Do at least 1 mini-challenge — Not accomplished
  • I plan to post a list of books which I may read when the challenge begins — Not accomplished
  • Have fun– Done–I had lots of fun!


I read and reviewed 17 books (all electronic and inexpensive) which almost met my goal of 20 books. One of the reasons I chose 20 books was that I misread the rules and thought I could read library books, too. (I had a number of library books checked out.) However, I re-read the rules and realized the library books had to be digital copies–which makes sense it’s called COYER–Clean Out Your E-Reader!

I didn’t get any other goals accomplished other than having fun! 2015 has been very busy so far and I just haven’t had the time to take part in the other activities. That seems to happen with reading challenges I join. I read, but just don’t get anything else done so I’ve decided in the future not to set goals of participating in all the activities!

I thank Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun and Michelle @ Because Reading for hosting this challenge.