Review: The Bloodbound by Erin Lindsey

the-bloodboundThe Bloodbound
by Erin Lindsey
Series: Bloodbound #1
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Published by Ace, 2014
E-book, purchased
368 pages
Grade: C+
Synopsis: Of all those in the King of Alden’s retinue, the bloodbinders are the most prized. The magic they wield can forge invaluable weapons, ones that make soldiers like Lady Alix Black unerringly lethal. However, the bloodbinders’ powers can do so much more—and so much worse…

A cunning and impetuous scout, Alix only wishes to serve quietly on the edges of the action. But when the king is betrayed by his own brother and left to die at the hands of attacking Oridian forces, she winds up single-handedly saving her sovereign.

Suddenly, she is head of the king’s personal guard, an honor made all the more dubious by the king’s exile from his own court. Surrounded by enemies, Alix must help him reclaim his crown, all the while attempting to repel the relentless tide of invaders led by the Priest, most feared of Oridia’s lords.

But while Alix’s king commands her duty, both he and a fellow scout lay claim to her heart. And when the time comes, she may need to choose between the two men who need her most…

He was not afraid. He would be surrounded by friends and allies. He had always been surrounded by people who loved him, ever since he was a child. Strange, then, that he should feel so utterly alone.


“. . . What do you suppose his Domain is like?”

“Hell is full of crows that peck at your eyes, and heaven is an everlasting tournament of verbal jousting and improvised comedy. You never stumble over your words, and everyone laughs at your jokes.”


  • I like the first part of this book better than the rest of it.
  • I like the military, strategy and battle portions of the book.
  • Alix is a good character in her military role, but her romances undermine her authority as a military leader.
  • I did like that Alix is honest with Liam and finally with Erik.


  • The romances.
  • The Epilogue is unnecessary.

About Erin Lindsey

  •  This is the first book by Erin Lindsey. She also writes the Nicolas Lenoir fantasy mystery series as E. L. Tettensor.

And a few thoughts . . .

  • I really enjoyed the first part of the book, but gradually realized I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I got to the end of the book. I’ll have to decide whether to read the next book. I wish the author had left out the romance or at least not put in so much . . . maybe waited for future books.
  • I’ve mentioned in the past I don’t like very much romance in my fantasy or science fiction.
  • I have the first book in the Nicolas Lenoir mystery fantasy series so I plan to read that. I don’t think it has romance in it like this book does so I may like it better.

Have you read this book? How did you like it?

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6 thoughts on “Review: The Bloodbound by Erin Lindsey”

    1. I don’t mind a bit of romance in my fantasy, but this had more than I wanted…lol. I’ll look forward to what you think if you read it, Nathan.


  1. I enjoyed this one and I believe the author intended to write this as a fantasy romance under the different name. I like reading the occasional romance, though it’s not my preferred genre and so for that reason I think I liked the Nicolas Lenoir books better as well. That one doesn’t have romance, it’s more of a mystery.


    1. I think you’re right, Mogsy. I didn’t realize it before I started the book so I wasn’t expecting quite so much romance. That may have been part of my problem! I’ll look forward to reading the first Nicolas Lenoir book.


  2. I was kind of underwhelmed by this one – didn’t think it brought anything fresh to the table fantasy-wise. As for the romance, I didn’t really care about it one way or the other… I liked the way the sibling relationship was portrayed though!


    1. Yeah, the sibling relationship was nice, Li. I read the first book Ms. Lindsey writes using the name E. L. Tettensor and liked it better than this book.


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