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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme I take part in when I can think up answers! It’s a great meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish blog. Every week a new topic is presented. It’s not only fun to think about my list, but to read what other people come up with!

This week we talk about our favorite heroines. I’m limiting this list to favorite heroines from books I’ve read in the last three years.

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In no particular order:

Blackthorn from the Blackthorn & Grim (fantasy) series by Juliet Marillier–a wonderful character. We’re still learning about Blackthorn. She’s been through a tremendous amount of abuse and doesn’t really want anything to do with people. She only wants revenge, but she agrees to help anyone who asks in return for being set free by a mysterious stranger. She’s a reluctant healer, friend and problem solver.

Cassandra ( Caszandra) Devlin from the Touchstone Trilogy (science fiction) by Andrea K. Höst–She’s self-reliant and brave. She has to survive by herself on an unknown planet and when she’s rescued discovers she can’t return to Earth and that monsters are threatening the world she’s taken to. Again she rises to the occasion.

Kate Daniels from Kate Daniels (urban fantasy) series by Ilona Andrews–She begins the series as a mercenary. She becomes a knight. She’s fired, but she never gives up. I love her humor–she calls a scary, lion shapeshifter “kitty!” She’s a bit fool-hardy, brave, self-reliant and loyal.

Mercy Thompson from the Mercedes Thompson (urban fantasy) series by Patricia Briggs–Another great urban fantasy series. Mercy lives among werewolves but shifts into a coyote–a much smaller beast. But she holds her own. She’s smart, tough, loyal and a great VW mechanic.

Meg Corbyn from The Others (fantasy) series by Anne Bishop–At the beginning of this series Meg has never ventured into the world. She was kept a prisoner along with other cassandra sangue (blood prophets) so she could prophesy for wealthy clients by cutting herself. A cassandra sangue has only so much skin and becomes addicted to the euphoric feeling of blood-letting. She finds the courage to escape and live among the Others (a scary group of beings human share the planet with). At first she’s very naive with a child-like faith and trust. She slowly learns about the world and gains the loyalty and trust of the Others.

Torin Kerr from the Confederation (military science fiction) series by Tanya Huff. Torin is a great character. She’s thoroughly military–a Staff Sergeant who must not only guide and mold her troops, but also the young officers. She does a superb job with both using humor, discipline and loyalty. She expects a certain level of behavior and almost always gets it from her people.

Jarra from the Earth Girl (young adult science fiction) series by Janet Edwards–Jarra is considered  “Handicapped” or an “Ape” by people who’ve moved away from Earth (Jarra calls them an impolite term in return–“Exos”) because she’s one of the “unlucky” ones who can’t leave Earth. However, she’s smart, tough, an archaeologist with a chip on her shoulder (at least to begin with). She’s determined to show “Norms” (“Exos”) she can pass for an off-worlder. The books deal with prejudice in both groups of people.

Karen Campbell from Letters to Nowhere (young adult contemporary) by Julie Cross–This is the only contemporary young adult book on this list. Karen (whose parents died in a car crash right before the beginning of the book) is a competitive skater. She grieves, competes, falls in love, decides what’s important to her and grows up.

Suzume from M. L. Brennan’s Generation V (urban fantasy) series–Suzume isn’t the main character in this series…Fortitude Scott is…but she should be a main character right along with Fort! She sometimes steals the show in these books. She’s a wonderful character–irreverent, smart, a kitsune, a jokester and helps Fort become a stronger person.

Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles (fantasy) series by Marissa Meyer–Cinder is a cyborg and a mechanic. She’s shunned by her family and anyone who discovers she’s a cyborg. She’s based on the Cinderella character. It takes her awhile to discover her strength and her value as a person, but when she does she becomes more than a Cinderella character. She’s not defined by the prince. She is a strong, confident person who knows her own value.

What about you? Who are your favorite heroines?

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6 thoughts on “Favorite heroines from books”

  1. I haven’t read these but I see a number of series/authors that are high up on my TBR – The Lunar Chronicles, Anne Bishop, and Ilona Andrews especially. Great list! I’ll have to look up the others that aren’t familiar to me.


  2. Nice inclusion of Blackthorn and Suzume! This would be a really tough list for me to make, there are so many great female characters.


    1. I know! It was difficult to decide and that’s why I chose books I read in 2013 to the present. A little less than three years. It’s always so fun to read books with great female characters.


  3. What an intriguing list! The only one I’ve read is Cinder (I know, I know, I’ll get to Blackthorn, Mercy Thompson and Kate Daniels eventually!) but I totally agree with including her. She only barely missed making my list. I’m rubbish at picking favorites, because I always have too many!


  4. Kate Daniels is such a great character – great at handling adversity and definitely strong and independent. I also really like Cinder for a YA Heroine – Very grounded and brave.


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