Romance in stories?


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme I take part in when I can think up answers! It’s a great meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish blog. Every week a new topic is presented. It’s not only fun to think about my list, but to read what other people come up with!

This week we’re talking about romance in books–our likes, dislikes or a combination of the two. I am talking about both my likes and dislikes.

I don’t read many books which are just romance anymore. I read mostly fantasy, science fiction and mysteries now, but these books sometimes have romances in them.

My romance likes:

1. I like to read about relationships in books. It doesn’t have to be a romance. I like friendships, too! And sometimes they’re romances, too. (Example: Deborah Crombie’s Duncan Kincaid & Gemma James series)

2. If the book I’m reading is part of a series I want an ongoing relationship. If the relationship ends I want a good reason.

3. Honesty between romance partners.

4. A monogamous relationship.

5. I like humor in a relationship. (Example: Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series–Curran and Kate are so much fun to listen to)

My dislikes:

1. Too much time spent on the romance–when the book isn’t a romance. (This is why I don’t usually like paranormal romance, fantasy romance, etc.)

2. I’m not fond of love triangles. (In way too many books)

3. Instant love.

4. Killing one or both of the romantic pair. (Example: this has happened in at least two mystery series I’ve read)

5. A romance forced into the story just for the sake of having a romance.

Do you like or dislike romance in books you read?