Police procedurals I want to read . . .


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme I take part in when I can think up answers! It’s a great meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish blog. Every week a new topic is presented. It’s not only fun to think about my list, but to read what other people come up with!

This week I’m talking about the police procedural mysteries I want to read. I’ve started reading more mysteries again and my favorites are police procedurals. I’ve come up with 11 series to try.

Some of these books take place in the United States, some are international–mostly the United Kingdom. A few of them are historical. The thing that ties them together is that a police detective is the main character. But I don’t like dark and gritty mysteries about children or a corrupt main character. I like my police honorable and trying to do the right thing!

I’ve added a few covers to give you an idea about these books:

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1. Charles Todd writes the Inspector Ian Rutledge series. The series takes place after WWI and Rutledge is a Scotland Yard Inspector. I already have the first book–A test of Wills–in this series.

2. The Liam Campbell series by Dana Stabenow. This series takes place in a fishing village in Alaska. Liam is a disgraced Alaska State Trooper sent to the small town and must get his life in order. I read several of the books in this series a number of years ago and would like to start reading the series again.

3. Peter Robinson writes the Inspector Banks series which take place in Yorkshire.

4. The Lewis Trilogy by Peter May takes place on the Isle of Lewis in the United Kingdom with police detective Fin MacLeod.

5. John Harvey writes the Charles Resnick series. Resnick is a Detective Inspector in England.

6. Gods of Gold was published late last year and is the first book in a new historical mystery set in 1890’s England about Detective Inspector Tom Harper.

7. Paul Charles writes another new series (Down on Cypress Avenue) published late last year which takes place in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

8. Winter at the Door by Sarah Graves is the first book in a new series about Lizzie Snow who moves to a remote town in Maine to work as a police officer.

9. The DCI Louisa Smith series by Elizabeth Haynes has two books in the series so far.

10. Malla Nunn writes about 1950’s South Africa in the Detective Emmanuel Cooper series.

11. The Inspector Rebus series by Ian Rankin takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Here are a few others I might try, too:

  • The Poacher’s Son by Paul Doiron (about game warden Mike Bowditch)
  • A Death in Summer by Benjamin Black (Dublin)
  • Sometimes the Wolf by Urban Waite (deputy sheriff in Silver Lake, WA)
  • Tana French (Dublin)
  • Steve Bain writes the Fated Blades series about Mariko Oshiro who is a Tokyo cop. Daughter of the Sword by Steve Bein is described as”police procedural meets historical fantasy.”
  • Blessed and the Dead by Malla Nunn (1953 South Africa)
  • Adrian McKinty writes the Troubles Trilogy set in Northern Ireland police procedural set in 1980’s.

Do you have any recommendations for me? Have you read any of these?

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6 thoughts on “Police procedurals I want to read . . .”

  1. I’m taking notes because there’s several that I’ve missed. I love Stabenow but it’s been awhile since I’ve read any. I want to try Peter May and Peter Robinson. The Elizabeth Haynes sounds interesting as well. Great list and I love your topic!


    1. Thanks, Katherine! I was happy to find some of these, too, as I investigated. I hope to read at least one by all of these authors this year.


  2. I can recommend Peter May’s Lewis Trilogy. Well, I haven’t read the 3rd, but the first two are wonderful. I read Elizabeth Haynes’ first Louisa Smith book a couple of weeks ago. Very good. And I love all of Tana French’s books. What fun you will have!


  3. The only somewhat police, more detective oriented books I’ve read are Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie novels! I’m taking notes and adding these to my TBR list. This is my first time on your blogs, and I just wanted to compliment the slideshow of covers! I’ve actually never seen this on any other book blog TTT before and I think it’s a creative way to present your books. Anyways, I hope you enjoy your reads:)


    1. Thank you, Claire! The slideshow is something that can be done in WordPress and I enjoy using it! I hope you’ll try some of these and let me know what you think of them.


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