Reading Challenges–How’d I do in 2014?


The 2014 challenges, goals and results:

1. Goodreads (read 100 books). Completed! Read 102 books.

2. New Authors (25 new-to-me authors). Completed! Read 34 new authors.

3. TBR (read a TBR book each month and review it on the third Wednesday) Completed except for January–I signed up for this challenge about the time the first review was supposed to be posted.

4. TBR Pile (read 21 to 30 tbr pile books) Completed! Read 28 TBR books.

5. A Year of Rereading (reread 10+ books) Incomplete. Only 4 rereads. I just don’t reread many books.

6. Audiobooks (listen to 5-10 audiobooks) Completed! Listened to 16 audiobooks.

7. Book Bingo (fill in a bingo card by reading a book for each category and space). Incomplete–filled in every blank except the nonfiction blank.

Did you take part in any reading challenges? How’d you do?