My reading year

Reading Summary & Comparisons

My favorite books:

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5 of 5 stars

I achieved my Goodreads goal of 100 books–read 102 books.


Genres I read (these numbers don’t add up since there’s some overlap)

  • Fantasy–65%
  • Urban Fantasy–19%
  • Science Fiction–12%
  • Mysteries–17%
  • Romantic Suspense–4 %
  • Romances–17%
  • Young Adult–12%
  • Short Stories/Novellas–2%

Book Format (overlap in these numbers, too)

  • E-books–75%
  • Audiobooks–16%
  • Print Books–10%
  • Library books–11%
  • NetGalley–2%

Number of pages read

  • 33,278 pages

Books Read by Year

  • 2014 — 27.4%
  • 2013 — 13.7%
  • 2012 — 15.7%
  • 2011 — 10.8%
  • 2010 — 5.0%
  • 2009 to 1928 — 27.4%

Book Ratings (I use letter grades on my blog, but on Goodreads I have to use the star versions)

  • A — 8%
  • A- — 19%
  • B+ — 37%
  • B — 20%
  • B- — 6%
  • C+ — 5%
  • C — 3%
  • C- — 2%

Author most glommed in 2014–Deborah Crombie

  • 9 books in four months
  • Fueled my return to mysteries

Comparing 2014 and 2013

  • In 2013 I read 88 books so I’m happy to read 14 more books.
  • I read mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy in both 2014 (75%) and 2013 (68%).
  • In 2014 75% of the books I read were E-books; in 2013 it was 100%!
  • In 2014 I read 17 mysteries, but in 2013 only 1.

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I love to read--especially mysteries, science fiction and fantasy. I also love blogging, photography, gardening, playing Mah Jonng, reading with a cat on my lap, throwing a ball for a dog, creating cards to send to family and friends, reading book blogs, using my computer.

8 thoughts on “My reading year”

  1. No 2 or 1 star books? That’s what I call a good year 🙂

    And I so wished Goodreads did half-stars, it would make my stats so much more accurate!


  2. I agree, Mogsy. 1/2 stars would make it more accurate. That’s why I pay more attention to my own grades! And I fear I overrate my books…lol. Also if I really hate the book I stop reading it. That’s one reason I don’t do many NetGalley books.


  3. That’s interesting that in 2013 you only read ebooks. Was that a deliberate choice or just accidental. I had noticed the Crombie glom. 🙂 I love finding an author to glom and how woderful that she brought you back to mysteries. It looks as if overall, you had a good reading year in 2014. 🙂 I hope 2015 is a good one too.


    1. Thanks, Bea! I did have a good reading year!

      And, yes, it was a deliberate choice to only read e-books! After I got my first e-reader 3 or 4 years ago I stopped reading paper books. It was only in 2014 I started listening to audiobooks and reading some paper books again.


  4. I noticed your Crombie glom as well! I read the first book in her series this year, and want to continue reading them in 2015.

    Great list of 5* reads – I was totally nodding as I read your list 🙂


  5. The Goodreads star system is so flawed. Personally I use half star ratings all the time, so I usually have to add at the beginning of my reviews that although I gave the book 4 stars it was more like 3.5. Generally speaking I round up. Seems like your reading has really changed this year, what with all your mystery novels. It’s funny how that happens sometimes; this year I’ve read more urban fantasy than ever before and I can’t really explain why.


  6. I agree, Danya. I don’t know why Goodreads can’t change it. Oh, well, I do like keeping track of my books and seeing what other people are reading.

    I love that reading can be so dynamic . . . changing through the years.


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