Review: The Serpent Sea by Martha Wells


The Serpent Sea
by Martha Wells
Series: The Books of Raksura #2
Genre: Fantasy
Published by Night Shade Books, 2012
Library book
340 pages
Grade: A
Synopsis: Moon, once a solitary wanderer, has become consort to Jade, sister queen of the Indigo Cloud court. Together, they travel with their people on a pair of flying ships in hopes of finding a new home for their colony. Moon finally feels like he’s found a tribe where he belongs.

But when the travelers reach the ancestral home of Indigo Cloud, shrouded within the trunk of a mountain-sized tree, they discover a blight infecting its core. Nearby they find the remains of the invaders who may be responsible, as well as evidence of a devastating theft. This discovery sends Moon and the hunters of Indigo Cloud on a quest for the heartstone of the tree — a quest that will lead them far away, across the Serpent Sea.

He had a great deal of experience trying to fit into various groundling tribes and settlements, just in search of a place to live. But trying to fit into a group where he actually belonged, and had an important role, was . . . still daunting. He nursed a lingering fear that he was somehow going to wreck it and got thrown out of the court. It wasn’t that odd a notion: he had gotten thrown out of a lot of places for various reasons.


On the platform, a golden-skinned groundling woman, dressed only in wispy scarves, moved to the music, though she looked half asleep. Dancing was another groundling thing that left Moon cold. The quick movements were often distracting and made him twitchy with the urge to hunt, and the slow movements were just boring. It was more fun to watch grasseaters graze.


  • I love the covers of these books.
  • Such a good book. I love both of the books I’ve read in the series so far. They are entertaining and just fun to read. I love learning more about this world.
  • The characters are vivid and the setting is so interesting…floating cities, mountains-sized trees, so many different creatures in the world.
  • I like Moon so much. I like knowing more about him–the insecurities, the slow gained knowledge, the realization he has experience to give to others.
  • I like Moon and Jade’s relationship.
  • Martha Wells is so good at getting into the heads of the characters she writes about so I understand their motivations.


  • None. I love the series and writing.

And a few thoughts . . .

  • I own the third book in the series–The Siren Depths–in an Audible edition. I’m hoping to listen to it soon!

Have you read this book? How did you like it?

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  1. Cool, I’m actually reading Wells’ Tales of the Raksura right now. Probably should have started with the novels, but I figured the short stories could serve as a nice introduction to the world too.


    1. I have Tales of the Raksura on hold at the library so I’m excited to read that, too. I hope you like it and I it does sound like you should be able to read that one since it’s about a different time period in this world.


    1. Isn’t that the way it goes a lot of times, Nathan. My husband and I like some of the same books, but there are others I just don’t get that he loves. Oh, well, that’s what makes us all lucky that there are so many books published.


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