Family Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving . . .

to all the Americans celebrating today and to everyone else who reads my blog.

I’m very thankful to my followers and friends who read and comment on my blog. Whatever you’re doing I hope you have a wonderful day. I know Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in October, but I don’t know if other countries have similar holidays or not. I have a niece and nephew living in Germany who are celebrating Friendsgiving!

Our family has celebrated Thanksgiving for many years in Iowa with my husband’s family. This is the extended family and it’s a big one! Depending on the year we may have 40 people to as many as 75 people. My husband’s family began this Thanksgiving tradition nearly 50 years ago. So the young people in the family grew up with this tradition and as they have married and had children of their own they want this tradition to continue.

Some of our traditions:

Thanksgiving costumes--pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce & Leftovers
Thanksgiving costumes–pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce & Leftovers
  • A dinner Wednesday evening at a restaurant
  • Fun activities before Thanksgiving dinner–we’ve had an ugly Christmas sweater contest and race, a costume contest, a scavenger hunt, team Olympics and many other activities over the years
  • Thanksgiving dinner
  • A walk in the local cemetery after dinner
  • Soup and sandwiches at the hotel most of us stay at Thanksgiving evening

Most of these traditions include food of some sort!

This year we have so many special activities going on we don’t have time for any other activities!

  • A surprise birthday party
  • A christening Thanksgiving morning plus party afterward
  • An engagement party Thanksgiving evening
  • A bridal shower Friday morning

What special holidays and traditions do your family celebrate?

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8 thoughts on “Family Thanksgiving”

  1. That is a heck of tradition. When only do the holiday with my family and my wife’s parents at this point. No turkey, because I friggen hate eating turkey for weeks on end.

    I threatened to make dinner a taco bar last time we held something bigger and was thus able to get out of cooking all together as others made more traditional fare.


    1. Yeah, it was pretty busy, Bea! I’m an introvert, too, so I go away at times to decompress, but I also have so many friends among the family now that it’s really fun, too.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving! You have some great traditions, I wish some of my own family lived closer so we could do the annual get togethers, but they’re scattered all across the globe 🙂


    1. We’ve been lucky in recent years to be able to get to Iowa and the family time. We had a number of years when we were first married we didn’t get to Iowa. And we have family members who can’t get there each year, too. I hope in the future you’re able to get together with your family, Mogsy.


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