Review: Shakespeare’s Christmas by Charlaine Harris



Shakespeare’s Christmas
by Charlaine Harris
Series: Lily Bard #3
Genre: Mystery
Published originally by Minotaur, 1998
e-book, Library
260 pages
Grade: B+
Synopsis: Lily heads to her hometown of Bartley for her estranged sister’s Christmas Eve wedding. But there is something in the air besides holiday cheer—there’s murder. And Lily must work fast to clean up the messy case before her sister promises to love, honor, and obey a killer.


The town’s seasonal centerpiece (since the manger scene had to be removed) was a huge Christmas tree on the courthouse lawn; the churches sponsored a big public party to decorate it. In consequence, it looked very homey rather than elegant–typical of Shakespeare, come to think of it.


A matching door, the one that had been labeled “Blacks Only” at the beginning of Dr. LeMay’s practice, had been replaced by a picture window. In the past five years, a set of bars had been installed across the vulnerable glass. Kind of wrapped up Bartley’s history in a nutshell, I decided.


  • I read this whole series, but it has been quite a few years. I don’t remember much about the books and didn’t remember this one at all.
  • The title is a misnomer since most of the book takes place in Bartley instead of Shakespeare, Arkansas. However, all the books in this series have Shakespeare in the title.
  • I can feel for Lily’s family not knowing how to respond to her. Lily hasn’t seen her sister in three years and only comes back to her hometown because her sister is getting married. Violent events completely changed Lily’s life years before and she doesn’t like to spend much time with her family or anyone else who knew her then.
  • This visit is difficult for Lily, but she loves her family and is determined to help her family with this wedding.
  • I like Lily’s boyfriend Jack though we don’t find out too much about him in this book. I’m not sure which book he’s introduced in, but he’s an interesting character.
  • Charlaine Harris doesn’t shy away from grim events even during the Christmas season or during a wedding.
  • Lily’s observations about her family, small southern towns, Christmas and many other things are funny.


  • DNA’s use in crime solving was still quite new when this book was written. However, I think DNA tests were used for quite a while for paternity tests so I’m surprised Jack and Lily didn’t think of that. However, I’m willing to overlook that since I enjoyed this book a lot.

And a few thoughts . . .rp_HoHoHoRAT_300x300-300x300.png

  • I read this book for the Ho-Ho-Ho Read-a-Thon since the book takes place at Christmas. This read-a-thon is hosted by Jennifer @ The Book Shelfery (formerly Bawdy Book Blog) and Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer
  • Since I don’t remember much about this series I’m looking forward to reading more about Lily Bard.

Have you read this book? How did you like it?

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