Blog Ahead–November Goals

blog-ahead02This blog challenge is hosted by Anna @ Herding Cats & Burning Soup blog. The idea is to have at least 30 extra pre-scheduled blog post at the end of November. The challenge begins on November 1 and continue until the end of November. The challenge is a blogging version of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) which also takes place during November. For more information check out Anna’s sign-up post.

My goals for Blog Ahead (NaNoWriMo bloggy Style):

  • My goal is to write at least 30 pre-scheduled blog posts
  • At the moment I have one pre-scheduled posts so I need to write posts for November as well as pre-scheduled posts
  • I have a calendar and have some posts planned for mid-November through December.
  • I’m going to try to write at least one post a day for most of November, however Thanksgiving week is busy for me so some of my pre-scheduled posts will probably post this week. However, by the end of November I want 30 extra posts planned and ready to go!
  • I hope to write several posts during the week of Thanksgiving!
  • I plan to write an update post each week.

Check back each week and see how I’m managing!


Author: Jan

I love to read--especially mysteries, science fiction and fantasy. I also love blogging, photography, gardening, playing Mah Jonng, reading with a cat on my lap, throwing a ball for a dog, creating cards to send to family and friends, reading book blogs, using my computer.

10 thoughts on “Blog Ahead–November Goals”

  1. Ambitious! I’m doing this also but even if I don’t make 30 posts for December and beyond, any posts I can get done will be good.

    Good luck!


  2. November seems like a very busy month for everyone. I’m actually doing NaNoWriMo and prescheduling posts at the same time. Not as many as 30 of course! But a lot of my writing time will go towards NaNo this month but I don’t want to fall behind on reviews for the blog too.


    1. Oh, you are very busy! My son wanted me to do NaNoWriMo with him, but November is always such a busy time. We may try to do some writing in January. Good luck with all your plans.


  3. Wow, that’s ambitious Jan! I think you’ve got this in the bag. 🙂 It would be a good week for me if I had a given day’s post written by 10:00 am, let alone pre-scheduled. Clearly my planning needs some work!


    1. I know, Danya! That’s usually how I work, too–at the last moment. I’ve made progress on my goals, but at the expense of answering comments and visiting other blogs so I need to try to do both.


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