COYER Summer Vacation finished up on Friday. It was a fun way to keep track of what I read and reviewed during the summer. There were also lots of activities to participate in–read-a-thons, Twitter parties, a Facebook group. Unfortunately, my summer was much busier than I had planned and though I tried to participate in some of the extra activities I didn’t really manage it. 😦

I read and reviewed 16 books during the read-a-thon and I’m pleased with that…especially getting all the reviews done. I’ve listed the purchase dates and prices on my COYER Reading Challenge Page. COYER (Clean-Out Your E-Reader) traditionally means reading e-books which cost less than $5.00 each. For COYER Summer Vacation we didn’t have to follow that rule, but I wanted to see how many of my Reads actually cost less than $5.00 and how many had been on my E-Reader longer than six months:

  • Books which cost less than $5.00–11 of 16 books (counting my library e-book)
  • TBR books–6 of 16 books

I haven’t participated in COYER before, but I hope to participate in more COYERs in the future! Thanks to Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun & Michelle @ Because Reading is better than real life who hosted this read-a-thon. I hope they host another read-a-thon soon!