Review: John Golden: Freelance Debugger by Django Wexler



John Golden: Freelance Debugger
by Django Wexler
Series: John Golden, Book 1
Genre:  Urban Fantasy
Published by Ragnorak Publications, 2014
E-book, Purchased
62 pages
Grade: B
Synopsis: John Golden is a debugger: he goes inside the computer systems of his corporate clients to exterminate the gremlins, sprites, and other fairies that take up residence. But when he gets a frantic call from Serpentine Systems, a top-of-the-line anti-fairy security company, John finds out he’s on much more than a simple smurf-punting expedition.


I found a socket and plugged Sarah into it, leaving her leaning against the wall[12].

[12] Seattle power: fruity and piquant, with the hint of citrus that comes from a dash of hydroelectricity. Not as subtle as San Francisco, but quite palatable. —


As I’d told Delphi, a fairy burrow is a kind of extended metaphor, a story telling and retelling itself through the medium of bits and pieces of computing time. From the outside, with a connection to the underlying system, Sarah can push or pull in certain ways.


  • Such a different urban fantasy.
  • This fantasy gives a whole new spin to debugging!
  • A fun book to read. I didn’t like that it was so short, but that also made it a good, quick read!
  • An irreverent and breezy writing style.
  • John Golden is good at his job, but also kind of a lovable flake! He hides his expertise behind his wisecracking exterior.
  • Sarah is John’s sister and his assistant. John explains in this story that her soul is a computer program in a Dell Inspirion computer. Wow! She helps John with his debugging work.
  • In the Kindle edition of this book Sarah makes mocking and tongue-in-cheek comments via footnotes (at the end of a paragraph) about the things John does. (See the quote above for an example.)


  • It’s too short! I wanted more.

And a few thoughts . . .

The second novella in this series–John Golden and the Heroes of Mazaroth–was published in August.

Have you read this book? How did you like it?

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2 thoughts on “Review: John Golden: Freelance Debugger by Django Wexler”

  1. I loved this book! I actually quite enjoyed the bite-sized novella format, yes it would have been great if there was more, but I guess that’s what future installments are for 🙂 I liked being able to read this in one siting in a single afternoon, and I think the premise is suited for it.


    1. I enjoyed the novella length, too, Mogsy. I just wanted more…which doesn’t make sense. I’m looking forward to more installments. I don’t always like novellas, but this one managed to do a lot in a short number of pages.


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