TBR Review: Seduced by a Pirate by Eloisa James

seduced-by-a-pirateSeduced by a Pirate (novella)
by Eloisa James
Series: Fairy Tales #4.5
Genre: Historical Romance
Published by Avon Impulse, 2012
E-book, Purchased
100 pages
Grade: C+
Synopsis: Sir Griffin Barry leapt out of the bedchamber window at age seventeen after a very disappointing wedding night, drank a bit too much at the pub and woke to find that he’d joined the crew of a pirate ship! Years later, he has become one of the most feared pirates on the high seas, piloting the Flying Poppy, a ship he named after the wife whom he fondly (if vaguely) remembers.

What happens when a pirate decides to come home to his wife ā€” if she is his wife ā€” given that the marriage was never consummated? And what happens when that pirate strolls through his front door and is met by… well, that’s a surprise!

No one knew that Griffin’s ship was named for his wife, whose name was Poppy. He had even tattooed a small blue poppy high on one cheekbone in her honor, although he had known her for only one day–and ever consummated the marriage.


  • Griffin accepts Phoebe’s three children when he returns and is willing to raise them as his own. He realizes he was gone for 14 years and she didn’t know if he would ever return or if she would ever have children. She’s 34 when he returns.


  • I didn’t feel I really knew the characters, because of the short number of pages.
  • They only meet each other on their wedding night when Griffin was 17 years old and Phoebe was 20. He was unable to consummate the marriage. He comes back to his wife 14 years later. They almost instantly fall in love when he returns.
  • Griffin names his ship the Flying Poppy in honor of his wife, but that isn’t even her name! Her name is Phoebe.

And a few thoughts

  • The book isn’t long enough to really get to know the characters. It is connected to Ms. James’ Fairy Tale series since the other pirate in the beginning of the book is the hero of The Ugly Duckling.
  • I usually like Ms. James’ books, but I think the short length of this book makes it hard to connect to the characters.
  • This novella won the RITA award in 2013 for best novella. This month’s TBR challenge is to read a RITA award book.

Have you read this book? How did you like it?

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