Fairy Tale with a Twist Read-a-Thon

I’ve signed up for the COYER Read-a-thon for this weekend–Fairy Tales with a Twist!

I planned to read one of the Eloisa James books I have–The Ugly Duchess or Once Upon a Tower. I usually like Ms. James’ books, but when I started The Ugly Duchess I just didn’t like it. The male character’s father is awful. I like his son so far, but he agrees to marry the girl in the book–his best friend–without telling her the truth. If I had continued I might have enjoyed the book, but the prospect of lies, his father calling the girl ugly repeatedly just was too much. Another time I might have gotten past these things, but not this weekend! When I read the synopsis for Once Upon a Tower I didn’t want to read that one either.

So . . . so next I looked at my copy of Cress. I decided I wasn’t in the mood for that either! I recently read Splintered and loved it. I bought Unhinged (Audible/book 2) afterward so I plan to start that. I’m afraid I won’t get too far into it since I won’t have too much time this weekend since we’re getting ready for a trip on Seattle.

So, I will start Unhinged and see how far I get!

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2 thoughts on “Fairy Tale with a Twist Read-a-Thon”

  1. Oh, let me know how Unhinged is! I’m about to (re)start Cress. I liked Splintered but also found it a bit too weird/creepy in places, so I’m on the fence about Unhinged.


    1. It sounds like I liked Splintered more than you did. I agree it is creepy at times, but maybe because I listened to it I enjoyed it. The narrator was good. I’m enjoying Unhinged, but am barely into it…


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