Fairy Tale with a Twist Read-a-Thon

I’ve signed up for the COYER Read-a-thon for this weekend–Fairy Tales with a Twist!

I planned to read one of the Eloisa James books I have–The Ugly Duchess or Once Upon a Tower. I usually like Ms. James’ books, but when I started The Ugly Duchess I just didn’t like it. The male character’s father is awful. I like his son so far, but he agrees to marry the girl in the book–his best friend–without telling her the truth. If I had continued I might have enjoyed the book, but the prospect of lies, his father calling the girl ugly repeatedly just was too much. Another time I might have gotten past these things, but not this weekend! When I read the synopsis for Once Upon a Tower I didn’t want to read that one either.

So . . . so next I looked at my copy of Cress. I decided I wasn’t in the mood for that either! I recently read Splintered and loved it. I bought Unhinged (Audible/book 2) afterward so I plan to start that. I’m afraid I won’t get too far into it since I won’t have too much time this weekend since we’re getting ready for a trip on Seattle.

So, I will start Unhinged and see how far I get!

Twitter etiquette questions?


I’ve decided to create a new topic on my blog called Saturday Shorts.

I won’t have something every Saturday, but when I have something . . . a short review, review of short stories, a cover reveal, a discussion topic . . . something short, in other words!

This Saturday Shorts is about Twitter. Now that I’ve used Twitter for two or three months I have a few questions which I hope others can help me with.

I’m asking these questions mostly of people who have book review blogs, but anyone else with an opinion is welcome to comment! I don’t think these have a hard and fast answer, but I would like to have other people’s opinions who have twittered longer than I have!


Do you twitter about more than just your posts and book reviews? If so, what kinds of things do you tweet about?twitter

  • I’ve read that is something we should do–but is it necessary?

Do you send out more than one twitter about a book review? If you do, how many times do you repeat your tweet? All in the same day?

  • Again, I’ve read about sending out several tweets about our posts during the day of your post.
  • If you do re-tweet does it help you get more people coming to your blog?

Some of the people who become my twitter followers are people I’ve never heard of! What do you do when someone you’ve never heard of becomes a follower? Do you follow them?

  • I don’t follow the people I don’t know–either by their blog or as an author or as a publisher.
  • I don’t expect everyone I follow to follow me, but I don’t know the etiquette!

Do you include the author’s twitter name (if they have one) in a tweet about your book review?

  • I have done this a few times when I really like the book and their twitter name comes up as I’m tweeting. I’ve had a few authors respond to my tweet and it’s been fun to talk with them, but if I don’t like a book I don’t want to add the author’s name! Also I don’t want to act too much like a fan girl…LOL! And I want to feel my reviews aren’t influenced by past encounters with an author.
  • Do others worry about these things?!!

Feel free to discuss one or more of these questions and help me out . . . . Or if you have other questions or comments about Twitter . . .