COYER Summer Vacation!


I plan to take part in COYER Summer Vacation which runs from June 21 – September 5. This is a fun reading program since any book I read and review counts toward COYER. I participated in my library summer reading program when I was a child and even as an adult some of the places we lived had summer reading programs for adults as well as my children.

Tentative Goals (which will probably change–especially when we are on vacation!):

  • Read at least a couple of books a week.
  • I want to listen to at least two audiobooks each month.
  • Limit the number of books I acquire. (I can’t say I won’t get any because I know I will, but I plan to limit the number if I can!)
Berls @ Fantasy Is More Fun and Michelle B @ Because Reading host COYER Summer Vacation. Check out their blogs for more information!