I love blogging and reading…

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This week I talk about my love for both blogging and reading.


…new books and authors found since I became a blogger.

…wonderful blogs and the people who write them.

…a creative outlet–writing blog posts, figuring out technology, talking about books.

…sharing a good book with someone I’ve never met, but who loves reading the same kinds of books I do.


…a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My mother read to me, took me to the library, talked to me about books.

…Mom and I shared so many books back and forth through the years. So many great memories.

…We didn’t have bookstores in the small town I grew up in, but we had a wonderful library and I spent a lot of Saturday afternoons browsing the bookshelves.

…Books transport me to new places in this world and out of it.

…With a book and a blog I’m never alone.

…My husband and children share a love of reading and talking about books.


Author: Jan

I love to read--especially mysteries, science fiction and fantasy. I also love blogging, photography, gardening, playing Mah Jonng, reading with a cat on my lap, throwing a ball for a dog, creating cards to send to family and friends, reading book blogs, using my computer.

17 thoughts on “I love blogging and reading…”

  1. Agree with all. My little boy will have so many options for books around him it is wonderful. Though right now it is a lot of Go Dog Go, which gets repetitive. My wife reads as much as I do, unfortunately we rarely share the same books. Harry Potter is the only fantasy that has ever caught her interest.


    1. It was so fun to read to my kids–we read some of Harry Potter, Lloyd Alexander and all about Bunnicula by James Howe! At one point my son was fixated on Anansi the Spider (and I don’t like spiders!) Before all that there was lots of Go Dog Go! Harry Potter is probably the only books which everyone in our family read, but we do have certain books and authors at least several of us read.


  2. My parents and I have connected through out mutual love of books. Interestingly, they didn’t read much when I was a kid. But now they read a lot and all three of us share books. It’s wonderful.


    1. It is wonderful when you can connect like that with family. My Dad didn’t read much other than newspapers and news magazines when I was growing up. In later years he found a number of authors he really liked–James Herriot, Bill Bryson and others. And it was wonderful!


  3. Nice list!
    I was also raised to be a reader. Some of my best memories are of going to the library or, if I was really lucky–the bookstore–with my parents. How great that you are passing it on to your own kids!


  4. It’s so lovely that you have the memories of reading with your mother, and that you’re creating the same sort of happy association with reading with your family. Even though my son won’t read on his own, he still loves being read to, and that’s something I’m going to hold onto with him for as long as possible. Nice post!


    1. It’s such a nice feeling to read out loud to our kids. And some of my best memories of my mom. Hang in there with your son. He may read more on his own later. You’re setting a good foundation.


  5. I love how you can go anywhere in a book. ^.^ It makes me so happy! I just read a book where I got to fully be in Paris! It was so alive and I loved it! (Except, daaaang, I couldn’t eat the croissants. XD) Here’s my TTT!!


    1. I love going so many places in a book. For me it’s sometimes better that I don’t have all the food available in a book! But sometimes croissants from Paris would be wonderful!


  6. I’m in complete agreement on all of these. One of the things I miss most with my daughter being away at college is reading to her.


    1. I know…Once when my younger daughter was in college and sick I read some of the children’s poetry we had read through the years. (e.e. cummings, The Tale of Custard the Dragon, Jabberwocky). I have a book of poetry for young readers from my childhood I used to read to my kids. So fun and I miss it.


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