Review: The Silvered by Tanya Huff

I’ve had this book for several months so I’m counting it as a TBR book in the TBR Pile Reading Challenge and fantasy square in the Book Bingo Challenge.



The Silvered
by Tanya Huff
Series: None as of yet
Genre: Fantasy
Published by Daw, 2012
E-book, Purchased
454 pages
Grade: B
Synopsis: The Empire has declared war on the small, were-ruled kingdom of Aydori, capturing five women of the Mage-Pack, including the wife of the were Pack-leader. With the Pack off defending the border, it falls to Mirian Maylin and Tomas Hagen—she a low-level mage, he younger brother to the Pack-leader—to save them. Together the two set out on the kidnappers’ trail, racing into the heart of enemy territory. With every step the odds against them surviving and succeeding soar….


He wouldn’t have been able to stop himself from pressing his lips against the top of her head had her hair not been so disgusting.

What worked for me:

  • Lots of action
  • The kingdom of Aydori is interesting with the were ruling and a very definite rule of manners similar to Regency England.
  • I liked the characters–especially Mirian. Mirian is dertermined to do the right thing against all odds.
  • Reiter was a good character–trying be a stoic military officer “just following orders.”
  • By telling this story from both sides of the war I could empathize with soldiers on both side…which made for lots of suspense.

What didn’t work for me:

  • Almost too much suspense.
  • It was hard to have so many characters I’d barely begun to know and like die.
  • The ending didn’t work for me.
  • I would like Tanya Huff to write some more books set in this world!

My thoughts:

So far Tanya Huff is saying she has no plans for a series or even a sequel. Even though the suspense was almost too much at times and the ending didn’t quite work for me I would love to read more about this world and the characters.

I like Tanya Huff’s books a lot and though I didn’t love this book I really liked many of the characters and the world. I hope she writes some more in this world. Have you read any of Tanya Huff’s books?