Review: Sleight of Hand by Mark Henwick

Another new author to me! I’m participating in the New Author Challenge 2013 hosted at the Literary Escapism blog. This blog has been hosting a New Author Challenge since 2009.

Sleight of Hand
by Mark Henwick
Bite Back series, book 1
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Published by: Marque, 2012
E-book, Purchased
574 pages
Grade: C
Synopsis: “Vampires are the flickering illusions of Hollywood. They don’t exist. We do. We are the Athanate.”
For Amber Farrell, post-military life as a PI has it’s ups and downs: She’s been hit by a truck. She’s being sued by a client. Denver’s newest drug lord just put out a contract on her. The sinister Athanate want her to come in for a friendly chat. And it’s only Tuesday.

Enter Jennifer Kingslund: rich, gorgeous – a tough businesswoman who’s known for getting what she wants in the boardroom and the bedroom. Someone’s trying to sabotage her new resort and destroy her company – and she wants Amber to find out who.
The answers lead Amber past Were and Adepts, right back to the Athanate – and a centuries-old war that could threaten not just Denver, but the nation Amber swore to protect and serve.

And all sides want to claim her for their own…

This book was alright. I read it fast and it kept my attention. But it has some things which I don’t enjoy in the books I read…I’m not a fan of ancient, secret organizations. Also at the end of the book there are some romance elements which seemed awkward, tacked on and just not very believable when compared to the rest of the book.

Sleight of Hand contains action and the world building is fairly simple, but contains enough information in this book to explain the world Amber is in. She is connected to both the supernatural world and the regular human world which is a good touch.

However, I didn’t really connect with Amber or the rest of the characters in the book. The problem for me is that there isn’t enough in this book and this world to make me want to come back again. The book and world just weren’t unique enough for me. The second book in this series was published in January 2013.