Out with the New, In With the Old

I’m back to my old Blogger comment system. The way they were before I decided to fix what wasn’t broken. I like to tinker with things, but when they don’t work the way I want I get frustrated. I’ve been frustrated with this most of the week.

I’ve lost a few comments which were made after I switched to Disqus and I’m sorry about that. However, I have all the old comments formatted the way they were and I’m happy about that.

I’m sure Disqus is a good system. Many people like it and perhaps it’s so good that’s the problem. They apparently have problems keeping up with all the people who want to use their services.

I emailed Disqus after 36 hours when I didn’t have comments. They said it could take longer than the 24 hours stated at their site. The import was finally finished on Thursday morning (I started this process on Sunday), but for some reason my comments still didn’t show up (though I had over 2 billion reactions for every post!)

I’ve emailed their customer service again, but haven’t heard from them yet. This morning when I still didn’t have comments I tried to figure out how to delete Disqus from my site. When I finally figured that out I also figured out what was wrong and did get Disqus to work, but by that point I just wanted the status quo back.

As I stated on Tuesday: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’m sure I will tinker more with the blog as I go along, but I hope future tinkering has a better outcome.

I’m sure Disqus would have worked fine for my blog. The problem was mostly with me–I made a mistake which made the comments not show up, but at best the comments wouldn’t have shown up until Thursday (on Tuesday they said they were moving me up in the queue). I’ve decided Blogger comments are just fine.