Review: In for a Penny by Rose Lerner

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In For a Penny
by Rose Lerner
Series: None
Genre: Historical Romance
Published by Leisure Books, 2010
E-book, Purchased
310 pages
Grade: B+
Synopsis: A dashing and feckless lord enters a marriage of convenience with the lovely and practical daughter of a wealthy merchant to salvage his family fortune. But they find themselves unprepared for scandal, rioting tenants, and a menacing neighbor – and a love that is neither convenient nor practical but entirely heartfelt and enduring.

“I always loved this tower,” Nev said. “I wonder how much bread for his tenants my grandfather could have bought with the money.”

“I don’t care.” Penelope felt not at all her usual sensible self. “I like it.”

He turned and smiled at her. “Do you really?”


  • I like the two main characters–Lord Nevinstoke (Nev) and Penelope Brown. They’re believable, likeable characters both trying to do the “right thing.” They’re not perfect, they make mistakes and have insecurities.
  • Nev is frivolous and not serious about life at first, but when his father dies leaving only debts he realizes he has to change if his family is going to survive. Penny is serious and practical, but sometimes she wishes she could be a little more spontaneous. They each compliment the other and learn to work together and help each other.
  • I like “marriage of convenience” stories. This is especially well-done. The characters are realistic about the marriage and down-to-earth.
  • Nev and Penny come from different social classes.
  • This is Ms. Lerner’s debut book and she shows a lot of promise as an author.


  • The second half of the book seems weaker to me. It’s more melodramatic. I think there was enough material in the book that it isn’t necessary to have some of the plot in the second half.


I read this book for the first time almost four years ago and though I didn’t remember the details of the book,I did  remember I liked the book a lot and I wanted to read more books by Rose Lerner. She published two books within a year (In for a Penny and A Lily Among Thorns) and I like both of them. I’ve waited for more Rose Lerner books since then and finally discovered she has written a new book–Sweet Disorder–which I’ve bought, but not yet read.

I enjoyed reading this book again–especially the first half. It could have continued as a more character-driven book. However, as a debut book I’m impressed and as a whole really like the book.

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