Review: Ashes of Honor by Seanan McGuire

February 19, 2014 2014, A-, book rating, Reading Challenges, reviews, TBR Pile 2

This is the book I’m reading for the February TBR challenge hosted at The Misadventures of Super Librarian blog. The theme this month is Series Catch-Up–reading a book from a series you’re behind on.

The October Daye series is one of my favorites, but during the last several years I didn’t keep up with the series. Since last summer I’ve been catching up and now after this book I’m just one book behind! I read a couple other series books this month, too–Blood Rites (Harry Dresden, book 6) by Jim Butcher (reviewed next week) and Whispers Under Ground (Peter Grant, book 3)by Ben Aaronovitch.

I’m also participating in the TBR Pile Challenge hosted at the Bookish blog and in the Book Bingo Challenge.

Untitled-2Ashes of Honor
by Seanan McGuire
Series: October Daye, Book 6
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Published by Daw, 2012
E-book, Purchased
353 pages
Grade: A-
Synopsis: It’s been almost a year since October “Toby” Daye averted a war, gave up a county, and suffered personal losses that have left her wishing for a good day’s sleep. She’s tried to focus on her responsibilities—training Quentin, upholding her position as Sylvester’s knight, and paying the bills—but she can’t help feeling like her world is crumbling around her, and her increasingly reckless behavior is beginning to worry even her staunchest supporters.

To make matters worse, Toby’s just been asked to find another missing child…only this time it’s the changeling daughter of her fellow knight, Etienne, who didn’t even know he was a father until the girl went missing. Her name is Chelsea. She’s a teleporter, like her father. She’s also the kind of changeling the old stories warn about, the ones with all the strength and none of the control. She’s opening doors that were never meant to be opened, releasing dangers that were sealed away centuries before—and there’s a good chance she could destroy Faerie if she isn’t stopped.

Now Toby must find Chelsea before time runs out, racing against an unknown deadline and through unknown worlds as she and her allies try to avert disaster. But danger is also stirring in the Court of Cats, and Tybalt may need Toby’s help with the biggest challenge he’s ever faced.

Toby thought the last year was bad. She has no idea.

Nothing is ever simple or easy when Faerie meets the mortal world. There are just times when I find myself wishing it didn’t have to be quite so hard.


I didn’t drop my coffee cup–it would take a lot more than shock, fear, and hope, all mixed into  a sick cocktail, to make me drop a perfectly good cup of coffee–but I did go stiff, my fingers locking on the handle until I would have sworn I felt the porcelain bend.

What worked for me:

  • My favorite book in the series so far!
  •  We learn more about Tybalt who is one of my favorite characters.
  • Toby keeps having to find children. This is a continuing theme throughout these books and especially hard after the last book.
  • Lots happens in Toby’s personal life. Toby acknowledges once again she needs people and has people–friends and family–in her life.
  • I like so many characters in these books–Quentin, Sylvester, Tybalt, Raj, April, May, The Luidaeg and many more.
  • The people who are named after months. That’s funny since the Fae have so much more time in this world than humans. Calendars probably don’t matter a lot to them.
  • I like the stories Seanan McGuire spins for us. I’m not quite sure how each book is going to end. She doesn’t spare Toby and others grief, sadness or anger.
  • I feel the characters are more important in this particular book than the story (though I like the plot, too). Since I like what happens with the characters that’s alright!

 What didn’t work:

  • It all worked!

My thoughts:

I loved this book! I didn’t mind this was more character-driven than others in the series. There were a number of loose ends in this book. There’s room in future books to revisit some of the issues left open in this book. I’m looking forward to reading Chimes at Midnight!

2 Responses to “Review: Ashes of Honor by Seanan McGuire”

  1. Lark

    I’ve been thinking of starting this series, and your love for it is one of the reasons. Great review, Jan!

    • Jan

      Thanks, Lark! I just hope if you do start the series you like it. (I always worry if I recommend a book in case the person doesn’t like it. However, I know we don’t all like the same books–in fact I don’t always like the same books I’ve read before…LOL) So if you start the series let me know–and don’t worry if you don’t like them as well as I do!

      I do like different books in this series better than others–this was my favorite, but I’ve liked all of them pretty well.
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