Review: A Matter of Propriety and Parasites by Claire Robyns

July 24, 2013 2013, B+, book rating, reviews 0

a-matter-of-propriety-and-parasitesA Matter of Propriety and Parasites
by Claire Robyns
Series: Dark Matters, book 2
Genre: Steampunk
Published by: Claire Robyns
294 pages
Grade: B+
Synopsis: Lady Lily has embraced her destiny and shredded her reputation. She’s done with straddling two worlds and losing in both. With so much at stake, her standing in society is the least of her problems. Or so she thought.

Demons walk among us…
Demons are infiltrating the London Court and cozying up to the Queen. Too late, Lily learns the price of throwing propriety to the wind when she must return to the influential circles of London and the stiff cuff of society.
But with the pious Queen Victoria on the throne, that won’t be possible until she salvages her reputation with a marriage of convenience. Or, as Lily prefers to think of it, a temporary rearrangement of her personal situation.


I liked this book quite a bit more than the first book. I got to know the characters better and the series settled into what it is…a steampunk demon hunting setting. The books have some romantic elements, but at least at this point this isn’t a romance. And I’m fine with that. I like the focus of the book on hunting the demons and trying to figure out what they are doing in our world.

This book begins shortly after the first book ended. Lily and Kelen are still in Scotland. Grey left at the end of the first book, but he returns and the three of them work together to try to defeat the demons. McAllister’s family have worked for generations to defeat the demons and send them back to their own world once and for all. Lily has learned more about her abilities…her visions are actually an ability to see the demons. She has learned to focus her abilities somewhat. In one of her visions she sees a demon conversing with Queen Victoria and is immediately worried about her friends and her aunt who are in London where this demon apparently is.

Lily immediately wants to go to London to make sure her loved ones are safe. So far she has managed to keep her aunt from being too suspicions about her whereabouts, but speculation is now rampant in London. Grey and Kelen decide she needs to get married and the question is which of them will she marry. By the end of the book she is married to one of them…but in name only!

I like the characters in this book now that I know them and understand their motivations better. Lily’s mother died when Lily was just a teenager and this scarred Lily and made her afraid to take chances. Now that she knows why her mother died she has come to terms with it and has also discovered her own strength and bravery. She is determined to protect those she loves.

Grey was also scarred as a child. His mother died giving birth to him and his father hated him all his life. Grey loved his brother, but feels he was the reason his brother died, since his brother was traveling to see him when his boat capsized. He feels he puts the people he loves in danger.

Kelen was trained from an early age to fight demons. That’s what McAllisters do. He’s unswerving in his purpose and doesn’t really have time for other people. His goal is to save people from demons, but not necessarily each individual.

I would like to learn more about the demons…is their only motivation to kill humans? It seems to be more. There are hints they are working together. Why do they feel the need to leave their own world/dimension? Are they totally evil or is it more nuanced than that? They seem to have no problem killing humans and on a mass scale at times. But they also seem intelligent and able to scheme.

I have questions that I hope are answered in the next book. How will Lily, Grey and Kelen McAllister work together and deal with each other? Another character is introduced late in the book…Mrs. Georgina Bonnington. What is her role going to be? It seems likely the demons have some sort of scheme, but what is it? A Matter of Desire and Dirigibles is the third book in the Dark Matters series, but there is no publication date yet.

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