About Me

A little about myself

Updated May 2016:

My name is Jan and I now live in central Iowa in the Midwest of the United States. Sometimes people who live on the U.S. east coast or west coast call the Midwest “The Great Flyover!”

Until the end of March 2016 my husband and I lived in southern Maryland. My husband worked for the federal government in the Washington, DC area and decided to take early retirement in the summer of 2016. So I’m in Iowa and my husband is in Maryland for a few more months.

We are very excited to start this new chapter of our lives in Iowa. My husband grew up in Iowa and one of our daughters lives here as well as his dad and a brother and sister-in-law. Our older daughter lives in Illinois and many more of our relatives in states bordering Iowa.

A little about my blog

As my name implies I want to keep my posts–especially reviews–short. That’s why the “Notes” part of my name is there. After reviewing books for a few months I decided to change my reviews to bullet-type reviews. This keeps me succinct.

I am also a “Readerholic.” After I finish one book I get a little itchy until I can start my next book. 🙂

My favorite genres

  • Mysteries–especially police procedurals and a few cozys
  • Science Fiction–especially military science fiction, space opera
  • Fantasy–especially urban fantasy
  • An occasional romance

5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. travels with mary

    we did the opposite move from you– my husband and I left Virginia in 2012 to move to Ohio!! (though we’ve never lived abroad, I’m jealous you got to stay in Germany!)

    • Jan

      Yes, Germany was a wonderful place to live. So much history. And that’s funny we seem to have swapped places!

  2. Kate

    I love your new site! The layout is great and I think the content is perfect.

    Good luck with all your challenges this year! I can’t wait to read your posts!