Goodreads Challenge


I’m participating in the Goodreads challenge again this year. I’m challenging myself to read 100 books. Last year I read 101 books. I had challenged myself to read 110 books in 2015 and when I dropped behind that number during the summer I found myself trying to read shorter books to try to catch up! This year I want to read the books I like to read and not worry about the number of books.


Books read–2016

  1. Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs
  2. Second Street Station by Lawrence H. Levy
  3. Envy of Angels” by Matt Wallace
  4. Threads of Deceit by Mae Fox
  5. A Muddied Murder by Wendy Tyson
  6. The Big Brush-Off by Michael Murphy
  7. Dreaming Death by J. Kathleen Cheney
  8. The Fine Art of Murder by Emily Barnes
  9. Twisted Threads by Lea Wait
  10. Murder in an Irish Village by Carlene O’Connor
  11. Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop
  12. Threads of Evidence by Lea Wait
  13. Out of the Blues by Trudy Nan Boyce
  14. Shards of Murder by Cheryl Hollon
  15. In the Shadow of the Glacier by Vicki Delany
  16. Valley of the Lost by Vicki Delany
  17. Admiral by Sean Danker
  18. Killing Trail by Margaret Mizushima
  19. Reading Up a Storm by Eva Gates
  20. A Useful Woman by Darcie Wilde
  21. The Royal Wulff Murders by Keith McCafferty
  22. Skeleton Blues by Paul Johnston
  23. Silenced in the Surf byKate E. Dyer-Seeley
  24. Death Comes to London by Catherine Lloyd
  25. Death Comes to Kurland Hall by Catherine Lloyd
  26. ‘Til Death Do Us Part by Amanda Quick
  27. Arena by Holly Jennings
  28. The Gray Ghost Murders by Keith McCafferty
  29. Dying for a Taste by Leslie Karst
  30. A Front Page Affair by Radha Vatsal
  31. Clouds in My Coffee by Julie Mulhern
  32. Burning Man by Alan Russell
  33. Murder on Bamboo Lane by Naomi Hirahara
  34. Cold in the Earth by Aline Templeton
  35. Winter of Secrets by Vicki Delany
  36. Roses and Rot by Kat Howard
  37. The Darkness and the Deep by Aline Templeton
  38. The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman
  39. Missing, Presumed by Sally Steiner
  40. Borrowing Death by Cathy Pegau
  41. No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished by Rachel Aaron
  42. A Killing at Cotton Hill by Terry Shames
  43. In the Land of Milk and Honey by Jane Jensen
  44. Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire
  45. Lying Dead by Aline Templeton
  46. Malice in the Palace by Rhys Bowen
  47. The Last Death of Jack Harbin by Terry Shames
  48. Kingdom Come by Jane Jensen
  49. A Brutal Telling by Louise Penny
  50. Stalking Ground by Margaret Mizushima
  51. Bitter Recoil by Steven F. Havill
  52. Real Murders by Charlaine Harris
  53. The Secrets of Wishtide by Kate Saunders
  54. Stripped Bare by Shannon Baker
  55. Murder in Thrall by Anne Cleeland
  56. Grave on Grand Avenue by Naomi Hirahara
  57. The Secrets of Chimney by Agatha Christie
  58. Twice Buried by Steven F. Havill
  59. Blood Sport by Dick Francis
  60. Negative Image by Vicki Delany
  61. Address to Die For by Mary Feliz
  62. Blood on the Tracks by Barbara Nickless
  63. The Sound of Broken Glass by Deborah Crombie
  64. The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths
  65. Send in the Clowns by Julie Mulhern


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